Mass Transportation


Buses and trains are comprises thousands of carefully tested and perfectly matched components. Combined, they form a reliable, fuel-efficient vehicle built for many years of care-free, productive transportation. The best way to ensure that this equipment continues to produce top results is to use quality products that meet or exceed all the OE specifications and standards.

This will ensure that the vehicles will continue to operate with exactly the same performance characteristics with which the bus or train was built.  With PQI’s products you can be sure that your bus or train retains the excellent characteristics that once persuaded you to buy it. And that it continues to run problem-free, safely and economically, year after year.

PQI’s Mass Transportation solutions offer complete support for Volvo, UD, Prevost, Nova Bus and Sunwin, and can be individually tailored to your needs:

Brake and Transmission
Steering and Suspension
Vibration Control
Hitching and Connecting Equipment
Fire detection and suppression
Fluid and Gas Handling and Filtration