Agriculture & Forestry

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The global agriculture and forestry industries feed, cloth and shelter our world, which has an ever-expanding population with shifting dietary needs and increased energy demands. On the farm or in the forest, agriculture and forestry equipment needs to deliver a means to plant, nurture, and harvest crops and timber.

Reliably and efficiently are keys to productivity and profitability. To that ends, PQI works with some of the world’s most reliable OE manufacturers; Carlisle, Luber-Finer, Berco, Volvo and others.

Because of variances in performance demands, agriculture and forestry equipment can often require customized solutions. PQI provides components and systems tailored to customer drawings and specifications ensuring farmers and loggers get the consistent performance needed for maximum yields.

From forestry to farming and earth moving equipment, PQI has products and solutions for improving performance and productivity.

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